Care Tuner Partners with National Migraine Advocacy Organization to Advance Support to Those Living with Headache and Migraine




Contact: Sabrina Rubin Erdely,

Care Tuner Partners with National Migraine Advocacy Organization to Advance Support to Those Living with Headache and Migraine 


Collaboration with Miles for Migraine will educate and support people living with migraine in making the healthy behavioral changes that can enhance their quality of life.

PHILADELPHIA (January 12, 2021) – Care Tuner is pleased to announce a collaboration with Miles for Migraine, a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of migraine patients and their families, raising public awareness about headache disorders, and helping find a cure for migraine.

The basis for the collaboration is to increase visibility for both organizations by creating content that helps those living with migraine better understand the intersection between self-care, aerobic activity and social interaction.

Miles for Migraine produces fun walk/run/relax events, typically a 2-mile walk and 5K and 10K races to raise money for migraine research. Miles for Migraine holds events throughout the year, via 24 chapters around the country. Since 2008, Miles for Migraine has raised over $1.5 million for migraine research and education through events that revolve around fitness.   

“I am excited by this unique collaboration to optimize our shared vision to raise awareness for migraine and headache disorder,” said Shirley Kessel, executive director of Miles for Migraine. “Our national exposure through events and Care Tuner’s education and support in the process of behavior change can only further help those living with migraine.”

With the collaboration, Care Tuner will create a series of articles for its online library, the Knowledge Portal. Each article will build on both organizations’ focus on self-care, active lifestyle, behavior change and support. The articles will integrate the evidence-based nature of Care Tuner’s programming with the community based, event oriented programming offered by Miles for Migraine. Every article will be distributed to the Miles for Migraine members.

“The concept is to educate the reader on the importance of self-care, why it’s important, what the evidence says and how to do it,” said Will Gadsden, CEO of Care Tuner. “Our integrated strategies developed by headache specialists offer the tactical knowledge to marry with the real world opportunities that Miles for Migraine organizes.”

The first article, How to Start Exercising for Migraine, tackles how to get the exercise you need without triggering a migraine attack. Included is a downloadable exercise log to start an action plan and a link for Miles for Migraine’s upcoming events. A new Care Tuner – Miles for Migraine article will be featured each month through Spring 2021.

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