Why Lifestyle Change?

Why Lifestyle Change?

Learn about the connection between lifestyle and migraine

Why Lifestyle change?

Certain lifestyle behaviors have been linked to decreased migraine severity and attack frequency, like consistent meal timing, quality sleep, and proper hydration. These and other modifiable lifestyle factors have been shown to further influence the chronicity of migraine. However, patients often encounter multiple barriers in identifying and implementing these changes, especially as they try to also manage migraine. We have designed the following resources to support you and your patients in learning more about the connection between lifestyle and migraine. 

For your patients

Stage of change has consistently been correlated with patient outcomes when implementing new healthy behaviors.  Your instructions are reflected in our patient app to help get them started.

For providers

  • Watch headache specialist Dr. William Young, MD, FAHS, FAAN, FANA explain why lifestyle choices are a crucial part of your patient’s toolkit (see video).
  • Read our Summary on the latest research on lifestyle and migraine.

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Self- Awareness


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