Provider Best Practices

Provider Best Practices

Helping you support your patients in making lifestyle changes

Provider Best Practices

See below for resources to help you support your patients in making lifestyle changes.

AAN Headache Quality Measurement Set

The recent American Academy of Neurology quality measurement in headache update includes the recommendation to assess and counsel patients regarding lifestyle factors associated with attack frequency and migraine severity. Our studies show it is feasible to get subjects to practice behavioral therapy through our low-cost smartphone based interventions.

Knowledge Portal

To help educate your patients, we also offer our free Knowledge Portal, a library of over 90+ accurate, understandable articles, videos, and audios on headache and migraine, which cover a vast range of need-to-know topics and are medically reviewed by our Co-Medical Directors. 

Smart Phrase

We know there are many demands on your time. To help you share CareTuner interventions with your patients, here is sample text you can use to create your own EMR smart (dot) phrase:

—- Start —-

Today we discussed using the CareTuner platform as part of our plan to provide you with comprehensive care for <insert condition>. We recommend these as a part of your treatment plan. We have personalized these recommendations for you, including integrated, evidenced-based tools for improving your quality of life with <insert condition>. We encourage you to make use of these tools as a regular part of your health routine in between our visits. 

—- End —-