Digital Migraine Startup Care Tuner Joins Forces With NeurologyLive, HCPLive to Improve Migraine Care




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Digital Migraine Startup Care Tuner Joins Forces With NeurologyLive, HCPLive to Improve Migraine Care

New partnership will disseminate Care Tuner’s expert-driven best practices for migraine care directly to neurologists and primary care providers

July 15, 2021, Philadelphia – Digital health startup Care Tuner proudly announces its new partnerships with NeurologyLive and HCPLive, multimedia platforms that provide physicians with direct access to expert-driven, practice-changing news and insights for best patient care.

In a Strategic Alliance Partnership with the platforms’ parent company, MJH Life Sciences, Care Tuner will provide exclusive, clinically-focused content written by headache specialists at the renowned Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University. The content will help all healthcare professionals on the headache front lines become best equipped to treat patients through:

    • Translating headache and migraine research and insights into useful, actionable items providers can use with their patients 
    • Helping providers understand the topics their headache and migraine patients are discussing and ways best to support them.

“We are so excited about this partnership with NeurologyLive, HCPLive, and MJH Life Sciences,” says Will Gadsden, CEO & Co-founder of Care Tuner. “Our shared goal is to provide physicians with the information they need to achieve the best patient outcomes. At Care Tuner, we aim to give every person with migraine the knowledge and support to make proven lifestyle changes that improve migraine. With this partnership, we’re honored to deliver practical and actionable specialists’ knowledge to the wide array of providers who find themselves on the front lines of headache care.”

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About Care Tuner

Care Tuner’s migraine relief solutions launched in September 2020 to help the 40 million Americans with migraine. In a unique partnership with the Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University – recognized among the top headache centers – Care Tuner seeks to democratize access to high-quality migraine care. Care Tuner has three components:

“For the 40 million Americans with migraine, Care Tuner can uniquely help improve their quality of life. This program is truly the first of its kind,” says Will Gadsden. “We are proud to deliver a comprehensive digital migraine wellness program of the highest caliber. Care Tuner is connecting people to the migraine resources they need so they can reclaim their lives.”