How it works

How Care Tuner works for you

The Care Tuner system is the first of its kind. Our programs stem from the clinical experience and health protocols of the Jefferson Headache Center. We understand that migraine is personal, and your management strategies must be personal as well.

Care Tuner provides active support by establishing regular, accessible guidance through our mobile app. This is a vital connection point where we link you to the knowledge, tools and support that enable you to better manage your headache and migraine. We integrate the latest science with the best practices of health psychology to help you improve your quality of life.

Our App

Tell us about your migraine.

Complete a brief questionnaire developed by our headache specialists, and Care Tuner will create your personal wellness plan. By understanding you and your journey with headache, we can help you customize a strategy. Headache and migraine are more than just physical pain, and it’s important to address your body, mind and life in an integrated program.

Practice healthy activities

Research shows that engaging in healthy activities and strategies positively impacts life with headache and migraine. Yet making these lifestyle changes is challenging. Our app bridges the gap. It connects you to a platform of accessible resources that you can evaluate as you go. You can practice multiple techniques and make the small changes you need to find what works for you. As you do, we make sure you receive ongoing support and motivation so that you achieve your goals.

Track your progress.

Build consistency into your life with healthy routines. Tap into proven strategies that offer positive results for managing life with headache and migraine. Our app helps you track and plan your journey to success. Simple analytics will help you understand how a multi-modal wellness plan empowers you to reach your goals.

Achieve lasting success.

Our unique programs help you achieve sustainable improvements in your quality of life. Care Tuner provides tools for the journey and support to keep you on your most successful path.