The 4-Week Migraine Diet Action Plan

Nutrition for Migraine | 8 Min. Read
Author: Care Tuner Migraine Team
Reviewed by: Ctrl M Health Medical Directors


  • Finding the right diet for migraine prevention can be overwhelming. Our nutrition challenge will introduce you to the full range of nutritional strategies for migraine. It includes daily activities that build upon weekly themes.
  • Week 1 focuses on learning your own patterns through Self-Discovery.
  • Week 2 focuses on calming inflammation with the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.
  • Week 3 focuses on building balance into your diet, including Balancing Sugar.
  • Week 4 focuses on building consistency into your diet, including Caffeine Modulation.

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Research shows that the types of foods we eat, and how often we eat, have a direct connection to migraine. However, it can be confusing to figure out the right diet for migraine prevention. For example, no doubt people have suggested you try a Paleo diet for migraine; or perhaps a migraine elimination diet; or that you should avoid all supposed food “triggers. With so much contradictory information out there, how can you find the migraine diet modifications that are right for you?

Young woman with glasses and long dark hair pouring a smoothie from a pitcher as she tries the 4-week migraine diet modification challenge.We’ve done the hard work for you. The Care Tuner app offers four different nutrition strategies, all of which build on one another. Importantly, the focus is not on avoiding foods, but on adding foods and behaviors that research has shown helps reduce migraine. To help kick things off, we’ve put together a four-week challenge that will introduce you to the full range of nutritional possibilities that are helpful for migraine. 

You’ll note that we’ve packed a lot of things for you to sample this month: Each day features activities that will generally take you between five minutes and a half hour to complete. No pressure to do them all! The idea is to give you an overview of how the four different strategies might work for you. Also, while you’ll get the most out of this challenge with our iPhone migraine app, we’ve tried to provide enough information and resources so that everyone can gain a stronger understanding of nutrition for migraine.

No matter where you are in your life with migraine – or how much you know about nutrition – this challenge lays out options for sustainable changes you can make to help you manage migraine. You’ll emerge with a new level of nutritional expertise, as well with as a solid plan for your next steps toward migraine improvement.

Week 1: Food Journal & Self-Discovery Mini Challenge

In this week’s mini challenge, you’ll evaluate your current eating patterns and see how they affect your migraine symptoms.

Week 2: Anti-Inflammatory Diet Mini Challenge

In this week’s mini challenge, you’ll begin to calm your body’s inflammation level to help reduce your migraine symptoms.

Week 3: Balance Sugar Mini Challenge

In this week’s mini challenge, you’ll learn how to build balance into your diet in order to reduce your migraine symptoms.

Week 4: Caffeine Modulation Mini Challenge

In this week’s mini challenge, you’ll learn to build consistency into your diet in order to reduce  your migraine symptoms.

Migraine Diet Challenge Wrap-Up

Whew! Great work on the 4-week nutrition challenge! You’ve learned so much about the different ways your nutrition habits impact your migraine health. You’ve gained insights into the small changes that can be made to your diet for migraine prevention. Perhaps you’ve even tried a few activities and made some discoveries about yourself! Whether you did a little or a lot this month, you’ve taken important steps toward improving your migraine. Take a moment to feel good about your accomplishment.

Now think about how you might keep your momentum going. Which migraine diet modifications might you revisit and start integrating into your life? Ask yourself these questions: Woman with curly hair and a pale blue tshirt gazes into the distance as she writes in her journal, taking notes for the next step of her migraine diet modification plan.

      • Which mini challenge week did I find most appealing?
      • Which mini challenge week did I find most doable?
      • Which activity spoke to me the most?
      • Which activity did I find easiest to implement?
      • Which mini challenge or activity did I find most impactful?

Your best next step is whichever weekly strategy or individual activity that you: 1) found most appealing, and 2) can realistically apply to your life. That last part is important, because the right nutrition strategy for you is the one you feel readiest for. Fear of failure can sometimes keep us from trying something new, so choose something that feels doable right now. It feels this way because there are good reasons that you’re ready for it! You have what you need for the next leg of your nutrition journey for migraine – and we see progress ahead.

The Care Tuner Guide to Migraine Relief

Untreated migraine tends to worsen over time, so if you suspect you have migraine, it’s important to get help. We’ve compiled everything you need, including what to expect, pitfalls to avoid, and what you can do right now to get relief.

For Your Reference: What You Read 

    1. The 4-Step Guide to Nutrition for Migraine
    2. “Understanding Nutrition” 
    3. “Self-Discovery”
    4. The Care Tuner Guide to Migraine Nutrition
    5. Nutrition for Migraine: Soothing Inflammation” 
    6. “Building Quality”
    7. Magnesium for Migraine: What We Know”
    8. Vitamin B2 for Migraine: Supplementing for Better Care
    9. “Building Balance”
    10. CoQ10 for Migraine
    11. Feverfew for Migraine
    12. “Building Consistency”
    13. Butterbur Research
    14. Melatonin for Migraine

For Your Reference: Activities You Tried

    1. Food Journal & Self-Discovery
    2. Mindful Eating Meditation
    3. Guiding Principles for Nutrition
    4. Nutrition Reflection
    5. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet
    6. Eat the Rainbow Challenge 
    7. Shopping Trip
    8. Extended Exhale
    9. Balance Sugar
    10. Food Journal & Building Balance
    11. Emotion and Thinking Traps
    12. Balanced Approach
    13. Gut Microbiome & Gut Health Challenge
    14. Breathing Tool
    15. Caffeine Modulation
    16. Meal Timing
    17. Emotional Eating Self-Assessment
    18. Nutrition Levels of Evidence 
    19. Migraine-supplements matchmaker quiz

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