CareTuner, Inc. and Ctrl M Health Merge to Create a Leading Digital Neurology Company

CareTuner, Inc. and Ctrl M Health Merge to Create a Leading Digital Neurology Company

Uncategorized | Eyal Bartfield | April 3, 2023

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April 10, 2023


CareTuner, Inc. and Ctrl M Health Merge to Create a Leading Digital Neurology Company


Wynnewood, PA – CareTuner Inc, a leading provider of innovative digital health solutions, announced today that it has completed its merger with Ctrl M Health, an innovative solution developer for migraine company. The merger involved the integration of Ctrl M Health solution within CareTuner’s remote monitoring product for neurology.


CareTuner Inc., will continue to leverage both companies’ expertise in digital solutions for neurological conditions: migraine, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and sleep disorders, as well as their respective track records in clinically proven solutions to create a comprehensive suite of remote monitoring solutions that address challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers in the neurology market – the fastest growing healthcare segment today. 


"As an obstetrician, it is always wonderful to be involved in a birth!  As an entrepreneur, I have been involved with the two parents of CareTuner and am thrilled that the fourth industrial revolution is finally bringing technology and augmented intelligence to the millions of migraine sufferers globally." Said Dr. Steve Klasko, CMO of Abundant Venture Partners, executive in residence at General Catalyst and Former President, Thomas Jefferson University & CEO, Jefferson Health. 


"Our merger with CareTuner Inc. marks a significant milestone in our company's journey to create innovative migraine solutions that transform patient care," said William Landman, Chairman of Ctrl M Health and a director of CareTuner. "As part of CareTuner, we will leverage our complementary strengths to deliver a comprehensive suite of innovative neurology-specific digital health solutions that will drive better patient outcomes and tackle the acute shortage in neurology specialists."


CareTuner is pioneering a reimbursable Remote Monitoring System that enables neurology clinics to provide quality care at scale, increase patient inflow, and grow revenues.  The company's solutions are available to healthcare providers and through them to patients. 


"By bringing together the capabilities of both companies, we are now able to provide a complete suite of neurology-focused healthcare solutions to our growing customer base," said Dr. Eyal Bartfeld, CEO of CareTuner Inc. "We are excited to combine our expertise in healthcare technology with Ctrl M Health's integrative health and wellness solutions for people living with migraines, to create a new digital health company that will be at the forefront of the neurological healthcare industry."


About CareTuner Inc:   CareTuner is pioneering personalized and holistic neurological care at scale. CareTuner’s Remote Monitoring System offers clinics an easy-to-implement pathway to extend reach and revenues, while offering patients a new level of proactive data-driven care, adapted to individual lifestyles, that improves quality of life and clinical outcomes. With 10+ years of experience, CareTuner has established itself as a leader in the digital health solutions for neurology.  CareTuner is a subsidiary of Irody, Inc. For more information, visit


Contact: CareTuner, Inc Carl Miller, 781-262-0440, [email protected]