About Us

About Care Tuner.

Care Tuner is an innovative digital health company developed in collaboration with the Jefferson Headache Center. We are focused on revolutionizing care for those living with headache and migraine. Our integrated health and wellness solutions provide digital and mobile access to comprehensive health management strategies.

Our partners.

Developed specifically for the migraine community, Care Tuner’s wellness programs stem from the medical research, clinical experience and health protocols of the Jefferson Headache Center. The Ctrl M Power System is an integrative approach utilizing health psychology and behavioral science to help you identify which evidence-based wellness routines will make a positive impact on your life.


Advisory panel.

We have gathered a powerful group of thought leaders, academics, medical professionals, and wellness experts to focus on one purpose: managing headache and migraine. This committed group shares the latest research developments and their ongoing clinical experience. They are exclusively dedicated to creating positive outcomes for those living with headache and migraine. Here, their ideas have the power to drive innovation in the field and expand access by making a difference through Care Tuner.

Care Tuner team.

Our team is made up of professionals with diverse areas of expertise who share a passion for improving the lives of those with chronic pain issues. Our expertise drives our mission forward so we’re able to offer solutions and hope to those living with headache and migraine.