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In 2021, readers like you came in droves to the Knowledge Portal learn about headache and migraine, but a few articles really captured your interest. Here, we count down our ten most popular articles of the year.

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Did you know that learning about migraine can actYoung Black woman with a halo-like Afro and a yellow shirt relaxes on the couch reading the Top 10 Migraine Articles of 2021 on her tablet.ually improve your migraine symptoms? It’s true: In studies, migraine education decreased people’s headache days and increased their quality of life. That’s why our Knowledge Portal exists: To help you improve by better understanding your headache and migraine.

In 2021, readers like you came to the Knowledge Portal in droves to learn about a vast range of topics, but a few articles really captured your interest.

Here are our ten most popular articles of the year. Have you read them all?

10. “Does Exercise Help Migraine? How to Begin a New Routine”

Regular, moderate exercise is so good for improving migraine that studies have found it as effective as preventive medicine. However, 38% of people with migraine have also had exercise-induced attacks. Learn how to build a healthy migraine exercise routine that helps, not hurts.

9. “Migraine and Sleep: The Complex Relationship”

Good sleep is essential for preventing headache. But if you have migraine, sleep can prove to be cruelly elusive.  Toss and turn no more with these healthy habits for good sleep with migraine.

8. “Men With Migraine: The Underrecognized Millions”

Can men get migraines? You better believe it. Migraine affects six percent of all men. Yet men are often overlooked in conversations about migraine, and many aren’t getting the treatment they need. Learn about migraine in men.

7. “Nutrition for Migraine: Soothing Inflammation”

Too much inflammation in the body can contribute to migraine. But evidence suggests we can naturally decrease inflammation by eating certain foods. Read our how-to on building an anti-inflammatory diet for migraine prevention.

6. “Why Dehydration, Fasting, and Dieting are Bad for Migraine”

What’s the best way to eat for migraine? The short answer: Consistently! The migraine brain hates sudden change, and that extends to your nutritional patterns. To build an effective migraine diet, assessing your own patterns is step one.

5. “Spoon Theory, Thresholds, and Buckets: Ways to Explain Migraine”

People without migraine have a hard time relating to the migraine experience. It leads those of us with migraine to feel terribly misunderstood. This is where metaphors come in handy. Learn three ways to explain migraine with threshold theory, bucket theory, and spoon theory.

4. “The Migraine Symptom Index, From A to Z”

Migraine is much more than a headache. It creates a range of sensory, physical, and psychological symptoms you may not expect. Read our descriptions of 50 different migraine symptoms, including ones that are signs of impending migraine attacks. Which ones affect you?

3. “Help! My Migraine Gives Me Brain Fog”

Misplaced your keys? Forgot what you came into the room to get? Brain fog is a well-known symptom of migraine that can make it hard to concentrate, think straight, and even complete simple tasks. Read about migraine brain fog and ways to cope.

2. “Migraine and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know”

Migraine changes during pregnancy — and because many medications haven’t been studied in pregnant women, migraine management changes as well. Here’s what moms-to-be should know about the safe prevention and treatment of migraine during pregnancy.

1. “Is Your Covid-19 Mask Giving You a Headache?”

Face masks are an important accessory to keep us safe during the continuing coronavirus pandemic. But longtime mask-wearing can induce compression headache, which can trigger a migraine attack. Get our tips on how to wear a face mask for headache prevention.


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