Migraine By The Numbers: Impact On Family, Social And Personal Life

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Author: Care Tuner Migraine Team
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Migraine is a serious neurological disease that is shockingly common — and takes an enormous societal toll. Let’s look at it by the numbers.

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Migraine can affect every aspect of a person’s life, including relationships with friends, family and partners. Loneliness and isolation are common among people with migraine. Asked about the most negative part of living with their migraine, 48% answered: Being misunderstood by other people.

Migraine’s Impact On Social Life

It’s hard to be reliable when a migraine attack can wreck your plans at any moment. 78% of people with migraine say it has affected social activities, and 4 out of 5 people say they’ve cancelled plans due to migraine. In addition, studies of people with migraine have found:

    • 59% no longer participated in activities or hobbies they used to
    • 52% had missed important events
    • 50% had avoided making commitments

Migraine’s Impact On Relationships

Misunderstandings, cancelled plans and caregiving demands on partners can cause relationship strain. 20% of people with migraine said headaches had a negative effect on their romantic relationships, including:

    • 17% said their headaches had contributed to a breakup
    • 49% said they’d be a better partner in their current relationship if not for headache. For people with chronic migraine, that number was 78%
    • 49% said their sex life had been affected

Migraine’s Impact On Family Life

In a study of children living with a parent with migraine, 27% of kids said that due to migraine, at least once a month, they couldn’t get parental help when they needed it (50% for a parent with chronic migraine), and 22.6% said their parent had missed a family outing (46% for chronic migraine).

    • 43% of people with migraine think they’d be better parents without migraine
    • 3.2% of people in a relationship and living together chose not to have children, delayed having children or had fewer children due to migraine. For people with chronic migraine that number was 9.5%


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